Thursday, July 10, 2008

Get out on the floor!

I want to clarify something I said about dancing beyond your ability, and my observations in other people. I analyze dancers because I am a teacher and it is what I am trained to do. Keep in mind that: A. most people don't do this. They watch the good dancers and B. if you are a beginner, most people will glance at you, think "beginners, good for them for getting out there! Looks like they're having a good time!" or something like that. Most people will not stare at or judge beginners who are just trying to get out there and practice. So, don't let shyness stop you from getting out on the dance floor and practicing your dancing!

Ballroom dancing takes a lot of practice, and if you don't practice between lessons it will take you much longer to learn. Besides, what good is taking dance lessons if you never go out and dance? Try to go to your local studio's dances at least once per month to practice, see other dancers and get some inspiration and socialize.

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