Saturday, July 5, 2008

Don't try so hard!

My rant for today is not to try so hard in your dancing. I don't mean not to try to do your best, or try to get better...but don't try so hard to dance well that you are taking away from the smoothness and rhythm. Dancing can get very stilted and unnatural, and that is no fun to watch or do.

I also see people who dance as if they are better than they actually are. I know that sounds harsh, but it is true. I know a woman who just loves to point her toes and do graceful arm movements, but she does them all at the wrong times, and they don't fit the dance or the music. She's so wrapped up in how pretty she thinks she dances, she's distracted and disconnected from her partner. Therefore, he cannot lead her as well as he would like--and who is that fun for? Well, her. But ballroom dancing is not just about the girl, is it?

Focus first on the lead and follow, then the technique, then arm styling. The focus should always be on the absolute basics. Without the basics, the dance falls apart.

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