Friday, February 20, 2009

February happenings

Wow, I have not been keeping up on this blog!! OK, you can find me this month by coming to my workshop tomorrow, February 21st from 2:30 to 4:00 at The Ballroom of Sacramento. I'll be teaching Cuban motion in Rumba...this class is for everyone, whether you know Rumba or not!

I am also DJing at Sacramento Ballroom Society next Friday, the 27th. Ask me to dance...I don't bite, I promise! Hm, maybe this is a good subject for a blog post...

If you see a teacher at a social dance, and they're standing or sitting around instead of hiding or clinging to their date, chances are they're there to dance. When I go social dancing, I do actually want to dance. Don't be afraid to ask us! Don't be nervous or feel like you have to impress us. Just dance as well as you know how (as you always do, right?) and have fun. You don't even have to apologize for your perceived lack of skills.

However, please do not take this as an opportunity to get a free dance lesson. Just because I'm at the dance doesn't mean I'm there to teach. If you have a quick question about something I taught in class (that night or a previous occasion), that's not a problem at all. However, asking me to critique you, teach you new steps or how to do Cuban motion is a bit much. If I were a doctor, would you ask me for a diagnosis? I would hope not. Would you ask a mechanic to fix your car for free?

You might say the good will could bring me in lessons some day. Well, not likely. Most people who ask for free advice rarely bother spending money on lessons. I'm sorry if that sounds rude, but that has been my experience. If you want to see how I am as a teacher, I have references and teach group classes about every other month that you can try out.

Whew, that's a whole lot of negative right there. It's sort of a sore spot with me! Let me just reiterate that I do enjoy social dancing and want to just relax and enjoy myself--no matter who I'm dancing with. Next time you see me, come on up and ask me! Just don't ask me for Viennese or Quickstep, because I prefer not to do those socially.

Hope to see you out on the floor!