Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dance around

My advice for today is to dance with as many different partners as possible. Many people like to stick with the person they came with (usually a significant other). However, if you only dance with each other, you tend to make up for each other's faults, so you both get entrenched in your bad habits. Then, you stop leading and following, or it declines, because you get kind of complacent. Even with each other, it's not as good as if you kept your leading and following skills sharp by dancing with other partners. It also keeps things interesting, and the singles who come to the dance really appreciate it!In class, it can help you learn--if you're a beginner, don't let intimidation keep you with your partner and hinder your learning. Rotate to the other partners, because if they have the step, they can help you learn it. Then, you get back together with your partner and you're both happier because you both got it!

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