Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sacramento Ballroom, Tango, Country and Swing Network

The other day I was lamenting how difficult it is to get the word out about dance events in the Sacramento area. There have been so many times people told me after the fact (or have said it myself), "I wish I'd known about it!" I can talk about things here or on facebook, but I can only reach so many people, and I know there are hundreds of dancers in and near Sacramento. So, in a blinding flash of brilliance, I searched on facebook to see if there is a group for all of us to connect easily. To my surprise, there was nothing of the sort, so I created it myself.

You can join the Sacramento Ballroom, Tango, Country and Swing Network by clicking on http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=137240269643672. I want this to be a valuable resource for everyone who participates in these kinds of dances in the Sacramento area. Please join and look through the discussions. There are places to post regularly occurring dances and classes in the discussions tab, and you can post special events on the wall. Invite all of your dancing friends!

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