Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bolero workshop today, and a discussion of technique

I don't know why I don't think to announce these things sooner, but I am giving a Bolero workshop today from 2:30 to 4:00 at The Ballroom of Sacramento. We will be working on styling and technique and applying those to a couple of patterns.

Technique is good for everyone, whether you compete or not. Most people, in my experience, would like to look better on the dance floor and lead/follow better. However, these same people don't want to take the time to work on their technique! They think they just need to learn some "styling" to look better. However, while learning where to put your free arm in a cross-over break will help you look a little better, using proper technique will take you much further! It also helps you to interact better with your partner, because you are both using your bodies properly.

Technique does not have to be hard, and you do not have to spend hours on drills. Simple things like using correct footwork, rise and fall, moving your body correctly over your feet and improving your frame are things that are easy to learn and improve, but go a long way toward improving your dancing--for you and your partner.

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